Ide Mainan Anak Buatan Sendiri : DIY Tangram Extension Cards for under 5$

Let’s make your self Tangram extension cards .All of these are under 5 USD$ and you can get it at your closest dollar store/ daiso in asia 🙂

* One set of 1$ wooden tangram (bought a looong time ago)
* Origami Paper
* Construction Paper
* 1/2 Magnet Sheet Paper
* Glue/ ModSponge/ UHU (or whatever good and strong enough glue that you love)
* Laminating papers (optional)
* Re-purpose Magnetic board (already had from other set of toys)

How to:
* Trace each wooden shapes on the matching origami papers (as many as you like) then cut it. Hang on, I know it is a bit labour intensive..but the fun part awaits!
* Cut the A4 construction paper into two… Use any color as you like… For me I purposely randomly choose different colors for each extension card.. I would love to spark the children imagination and show that many colors combination can be created…basically i would like to spark his artistic sense *ahem*
*Create as many designs as you like from all the origami shapes.. This is real fun! Use your imagination to create unique, creative patterns and pictures from these little shapes 🙂
*Optional : you can laminate all the design extension cards. I choose to do to this to make it last longer and waterproof ( oh, How i love my laminator!!)
* Last, cut the magnet sheet to fit into each wooden tangram shapes. I used Mod Sponge to seal the sheet and let it dry for around 20 minutes .
* Preparing the invtation to play… Set it on the tray all together with the magnetic board

Voila! It’s fun , simple and educative activity for your toddler 🙂

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Elvina Lim Kusumo is a Mother , Author "Montessori di Rumah" & "Real Mom Real Journey" , food scientist, Montessori Educator , and founder of IndonesiaMontessori.Com (IMC).

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