Montessori Nature : Introducing Natural Stones

Activity : Introducing Natural Stones

Natural stone is a product of nature and there is no two stone tiles are exactly alike. There are several stones  in this tray , marble and travertine which are metamorphic rock, granite which is ingenous rock, limestone which is sedimentary rock. There is also wooden slate in this bin which is used to show the difference between wood and stone.

Purpose of this activity is to show and let children touch the texture , feel the weight and ignite children’s sense of natural beauties created naturally by God.

Marble is a natural stone material that is millions of years old, it is a nonfoliated metamoprhic rock resulting from the metamorphism of limestone.

Travertine is a type of limestone but differs in that it formed in a hot springs called karst. The sulphur content in the karst erodes the travertine creating holes in the stone.

Granite is composed of 30% Quartz and 60% Feldspar. These minerals are much harder than the calcite of marbles.

Limestone is a natural material that is millions of years old. It contains lime from sea water and is made of calcite from shells, coral and other debris.

Have Fun!

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