Keterampilan Hidup / Practical Life : Using a Dustpan and Brush (Peduli Lingkungan)

Activity : Using a Dustpan and Brush
Age : 2.5-3 years old
Direct Purpose : to use a dustpan and brush
Indirect Purposes : to develop fine motor skills
to develop hand-eye coordination
to clean up after oneself
Control of Error :
The surface will be cleaned and be free of debris
Point of Interest :
Feeling the brush sweep
Sweeping the material into the dustpan
Emptying the dustpan

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Elvina Lim Kusumo is a Mother , Author "Montessori di Rumah" & "Real Mom Real Journey" , food scientist, Montessori Educator , and founder of IndonesiaMontessori.Com (IMC).

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