“Motherhood is a choice you make everyday, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong.” -Donna Ball

elvina lim kusumo indonesiamontessori.comVina spent most of her childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia. She currently resides in gorgeous Southern California with her loving and supportive husband and their son, C.

Vina has passion in food, art, and science.  After obtaining her dual Bachelor’s degrees in Food Science and Food Manufacturing Operation, she went back to Indonesia and founded the first nationwide online flower business in Indonesia, KlikKado.com.

Vina always believe that her first and foremost calling is to be a mother.  When she got married in 2010, she returned to the U.S to be with her husband, and discontinued her flower business.  Vina cited that both her and her husband were very fortunate to have been raised by two great mothers, Nansih Lim and Lanny Kusumo, who dedicate their life to be stay home mothers to raise them and their siblings.

She always remember her beautiful childhood memories – the smell of the flowers her mother gave her, the pretend plays as chef and florist, the walls on their living room her parent allow her to paint, the red cotton ball her mother sewn and gave her on Valentines’s day, the drawing she made with her favorite made-in-Swiss crayons, which was very expensive to her family at that moment.  She grew up always wanting to be a “Mother” just like her mother.

She wants to extend her beautiful childhood memories to her children.  When she was pregnant with C, she spent countless hours reading through numerous articles and books on early childhood education.  The more she read about Montessori method, the more she found things and ideas that capture her heart as a mother who wants to bring a graceful parenting and childhood education for C.

In May 2015, Vina decided to found IndonesiaMontessori.com (IMC), a website containing her education philosophies, methods, activities inspired by Montessori and other childhood education methods she learned.  Through this website and IMC social media platforms (Instgram, facebook) she built around the same time, she wants to bring high quality education and education resources to Indonesian parents, especially mothers, no matter where they live.

Since its early beginning, the site and IMC social media platforms she found around the same time has had amazing responses from mothers from all  Indonesia.  The website received 1.000.000 page views in less than 5 months.



IMC aspires to reach out to and empower every mother in Indonesia through its content, community and events.


IMC aspires to reach every child in Indonesia no matter where they live.


IMC aspires to bring high quality education and high quality education resources to unlock every talent of a child.


IMC aspires to educate child in his/her early development (‘golden period’), which has lasting impact on his/her life.


IMC aspires to educate child utilizing all his/her senses to maximize his/her learning experience.

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  3. Thanks Vina for ur vision and your dedication to your child and family. Hopefully we can keep in touch and get to exchange ideas.
    My name is Novy btw, and i can relate to your passion and vision right away. Currently a full time mom of a 14months old son. Hopefully can get to know u in person oneday. God bless u. 😉

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