Wah , yang satu ini keren banget!!!  ada yang pernah nonton The Hobbit dan The Lord of The Rings? di sini tempat shootingnya….keren banget, aku share foto-fotonya ya!


foto-foto ini dikirimin sama adikku Vania yang kemarin ini berlibur ke sana. Terima kasih ya Vania, I love the pictures you took!

hobbit movie set the lord of the rings new zealand

Nah jadi begini cerita awalnya dari yang bisa di baca dari Hobbit Tours.

In 1998, Sir Peter Jackson’s team of location scouts were searching for the iconic rolling hills and lush green pastures of Hobbiton™. An aerial search led them to the Alexander farm, a stunning 1,250 acre sheep farm in the heart of the Waikato. They noted the area’s striking similarity to The Shire™, as described by JRR Tolkien, and quickly realised that the Hobbits™ had found a home.

In one particular part of the farm, a magnificent pine tree towered over a nearby lake, adjacent to a rising hill. Bag End now sits atop that hill, overlooking the Party Tree, as that pine would later be known. The surrounding areas were untouched; no power lines, no buildings and no roads in sight. This meant that Sir Peter Jackson could leave the 20th century behind, and fully submerge himself in the fantasy world of Middle-earth™.

In March 1999 the crew began the nine month quest to bring the ideas for Hobbiton to fruition; help was provided by the New Zealand Army, and soon 39 temporary Hobbit Holes™ were scattered across the 12 acre plot used for the set. Secrecy was key, and strict security measures were put in place by the production company throughout construction and filming. Filming commenced in December 1999, and it took around three months to get a wrap on The Shire.

After an initial attempt at demolition, 17 bare plywood facades remained. These shells would serve as the catalyst that propelled Hobbiton forward into the public eye, with guided tours commencing in 2002.

In 2009, Sir Peter Jackson returned to film The Hobbit trilogy, and he left behind the beautiful movie set you’ll see today; 44 permanently reconstructed Hobbit Holes, in the same fantastic detail seen in the movies. In 2012 The Green Dragon™ Inn was opened as the finale to the journey. Guests now finish their Hobbiton Movie Set experience with a refreshing beverage from the Hobbit™ Southfarthing™ Range. There’s an abundance of movie magic nestled inside the fully operational farm.

Ok, supaya bisa lebih membayangkan kerennya tempat shooting film ini , adikku Vania share foto-fotonya ya!

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Menurut Moms ini kayak dreamy banget ga sih? kayak cerita-cerita dongeng …ahhh dreamy banget yaaa aku langsung bayangin tinggal di situ…dll

Makananya pun juga lucu, unyuuu dan gemasss..

tip travel keluarga new zealand

Peaceful…udah lama banget ga lihat yang begini nih semenjak pindah dari California hahaha..segar banget rasanya menyejukkan cuma lihat aja.

Bagus banget ya, rustic tapi juga dreamy bangetttt…..duhh betul-betul dreamy buat aku langsung melayang ke kisah-kisah dongeng masa kecil! ada kurcaci kecil duduk di depan rumah, lalu membuat segelas cokelat panas..ahh sudah sudah jadi semangat banget bayanginnya! hahahaha

Yukk!!! siapa yang habis lihat #TravelWithIMC ke Hobbit Movie Scene langsung pesan tiket ke New Zealand? hahahahahaa akuu!!!!!

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