To start encourage care of environment at our home, I gathered all of this child-sized cleaning tools and the best part is…I got these all from few dollar store visit + daiso (dollar store in Asia) … besides I also purchased child-sized mop and broom online. So whenever mommy and daddy are cleaning around the house, our AC will be able to participate better…before, he insisted to use our broom, our vacuum cleaner and all of our other cleaning stuffs…with these child-sized tools, I hope he can enjoy the work better 🙂
One of his favorite care of environment thing to do around the house is loading and unloading our laundry…and it’s the stage that I can leave him doing it all by himself (of course I did not “leave it” literally but I kind of let him do most of the part..except pouring the soap… I am still looking for safer alternatives for this.)
Enjoy cleaning 🙂
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