D.I.Y Momentary Memory Board

It’s been a looong time I was looking for this#MemoryBoard but was not able to find it here in the U.S so Here it is a #DIY #momentary #Memory Board … This is not typical #Montessori tool however the aim is aligned with Montessori activity like guessing what’s inside the #stereognostic mystery bag and like other memory game.


Supplies you need :


* A4 Magnet Sheet (from dollar store or Daiso in Asia) (kertas magnet)
* one sheet of colored construction paper of your choice (kertas carton berwarna)
* scissors
* glue / sealers , in this project I am using Mod Sponge (lem UHU)
* ruler (penggaris)
* various kinds of magnets , alphabets, etc that you already have at home.
How To :
1. First divided the A4 magnet sheets into two
2. Draw 12 squares on your construction paper (4 cm x 4 cm or 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch square) on each magnet sheet. (You will have 2 identical boards for this game)
3. Laminate the construction paper , I do this for durability purpose.
4. Glue the laminated construction paper to the  magnet sheet.
5. Gather the small magnets, alphabets, etc that you already had at your home..just make sure you have 2 piece for each stuff… I also add the polka dots magnets I found at the dollar store 🙂
Done in less than 20 minutes, hours of fun! happy trying and hope you love it.





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