Ide Kegiatan Sains Anak : Kromatografi

Video from our #weekend #ScienceFair for kids … Exploring #CHROMATOGRAPHY 〰 In this experiment, you’re using a technique called chromatography. The name comes from the Greek words #chroma and graph for “color writing.” The technique was developed in 1910 by Russian botanist Mikhail Tsvet. He used it for separating the pigments that made up plant dyes 〰 acara seru ini diadakan kemarin weekend… Khusus anak2 ada percobaan tentang gel, weight, chromatography, gravitation dll…seru2!!! ♥️ udah pasti nanti AC dan mommy mau lakuin semua kegiatan2 itu di rumah lagi 🙂

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Elvina Lim Kusumo is a Mother , Author "Montessori di Rumah" & "Real Mom Real Journey" , food scientist, Montessori Educator , and founder of IndonesiaMontessori.Com (IMC).

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