Dear Readers, MomC would love to say BIG THANK YOU for being such wonderful readers for the past 2-3 months!

I created in May 2015 to share my passions and activities that my son and I had been doing all the time. Since then have received more than 200.000 page views monthly and more than ~2500 unique visitors daily organically. I am very grateful with the amazing response I have had from many people.

Thank you very much IM-ers!

Our site is new, Yes! We are still working on adding more features and also improving the one that are already existed, we would LOVE to hear input, advices, ideas, opinions from beloved IM-readers so that we can continue improving ourselves and give our readers the BEST experiences with , So YES, would you please take 3-5 minutes to answer this quick survey for MomC? I really appreciate your time!

Done? Thank you very much!!!!!

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