Keterampilan Hidup / Practical Life : Pouring Red Lentils Using Two Identical Glasses

tips kegiatan keterampilan kehidupan

Activity : Pouring Red Lentils Using Two Identical Glasses
Age : 2.5 Years old
Direct Purpose : To pour red lentils from one container to another
Indirect Purposes : to develop fine motor skills , to develop hand-eye coordination, to develop visual discrimination
Control of Error : no red lentils are spilled
Point of Interest : hearing the red lentils fall , feeling the weight changes as the glasses become empty and full.
Note : Regularly check dry goods used in activities to make sure that they are fresh. Using real child-sized materials are preferred (e.g using real glass made of glass compared from using plastic glass)
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Elvina Lim Kusumo is a Mother , Author "Montessori di Rumah" & "Real Mom Real Journey" , food scientist, Montessori Educator , and founder of IndonesiaMontessori.Com (IMC).

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